If you’re like me, you’ll be printing your fair share of printables and more over the holiday season, which as we all know, often means those dreaded last-minute trips to the office store for more printer ink. Always at the most inconvenient time, right?

Well, pretty much any time is inconvenient these days if you’ve got to pack up kids in their winter coats, scarves, and mittens, load up the car, and head out just to grab cyan.

So we’re so happy to be working with HP and their HP Instant Ink replacement service, which is a parent’s lifesaver. They deliver ink to your door before you’ve run out (cue angels singing), all while saving plenty of time and up to 50% on printer ink each month too. As for me, I want to make sure to have enough printer ink on hand at all times for all of these fantastic, money-saving printable ideas.

1. A stash of printable coloring pages for the next snowpocalypse.

2. DIY return address labels which totally beat writing them out yourself 150 times.

Printable Nutcracker paper dolls from Sara Jane Studios | Cool Mom Picks

3. Printable paper dolls with twice the wardrobe because of all the tears when the tabs get accidentally cut off or the shoes don’t match.

4. Printable holiday place setting cards unless of course you have an MFA in Calligraphy.

5. Your year-end holiday letter–that people may or may not read.

6. Printable labels for homemade food gifts. Or uh, food gifts you pass off as homemade. HP instant ink does not judge and neither do we.

7. Work sheets to keep kids sharp over the holiday break.

8. Actual printed photos of the kids for family who prefer that to checking your Facebook page.

Free printable holiday food gift tags | Tamiko Young

9. Holiday gift tags since the printable ones are often even nicer than the ones in the stores.

10. Printable wrapping paper. See #9.

11. All the school forms that are due before the year is over that you completely forgot about (oh wait, just me?).

12. Letters to Santa. Or letters from Santa. Because writing them is so 2013.


Of course, all this printing means you need printer ink, which is where our sponsor HP and their HP Instant Ink replacement service comes in. Check out this video, in which I talk about all the ways it can help save you time, money, and sanity over the holidays.

Also, behold my masterful unboxing skills as I put an HP printer together in less than two minutes! (Or really just a few seconds thanks to hyperlapse video. Don’t worry, I know you’re busy too.)


Visit our sponsor’s HP Instant Ink page to look for eligible printers and sign up for an Instant Ink Replacement Plan. You could save up to 50% a month on HP Original Ink.