When it comes to the Super Bowl, half the fun is cheering for one team and trash-talking the other. And with all the hashtag wars and pseudo scandals swirling this year, Super Bowl XLIX this Sunday is gearing up to be flaming hot. If you’re the type to proclaim your team allegiance on your shirt, your hat, or your car bumper, then why not with your smartphone case? You have to check out my fellow Canadian (yay!) Andrew Ware’s collection of LEGO city skyline phone cases on Red Bubble, because they’re cooler than most any we’ve seen.

Choose custom cases and skins featuring LEGO versions of Seattle or Boston. Pretty impressive.

And yes, we know the Pats actually play a half-hour from Boston, but you know, the Foxboro skyline just isn’t quite as iconic.

LEGO Boston skyline phone case. There's Seattle too.

You’ll find the designs for Samsung Galaxy cases as well as iPhone cases through the new iPhone 6 and even iPads. So take you pick, plant your flag, and let’s get the smack talk going. Team spirit will not be deflated. (Heh.)

Find Andrew Fare’s series of LEGO city skyline phone cases is available on Red Bubble. And if you’re a Giants, Jets, Dolphins, or Bears fan, he’s got skyline phones of your team cities too.

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