As a homeschooling parent of three, my older kids and I are big fans of the¬†Crash Course educational video series on YouTube¬†which has helped my teens learn more about complex subjects like molecules and the French Revolution. But I’ve found that these fast-talking, info-packed tutorials can be a bit much for my fourth grader to digest. So, I’m thrilled to learn that a new series, Crash Course Kids, has just been launched with the aim of educating¬†younger kids too.

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Crash Course Kids plans to launch¬†two new videos each¬†week, with an initial focus on fifth¬†grade science, for which I’m eternally grateful — since teaching the details of science¬†is definitely not my forte.

I love that each video is under four minutes long, as opposed to the much longer 10-15 minute Crash Course videos which can seem to go¬†on forever for my 10 year old. And though four minutes doesn’t sound like a long time, host Sabrina Cruz packs some great information, graphics, and fun facts into each topic.


Crash Course Kids: Great new educational videos on YouTube for grade schoolers

Teachers will like that the videos align with fifth grade standards, and I like that it holds¬†my kids’ attention and, most importantly, presents important¬†information in a way that is fun and memorable. Now, I’m just holding out for a Crash Course Kids Math series.

Check out the new¬†Crash Course Kids¬†channel on YouTube; see our post on how to hide YouTube comments¬†if you’d like your kids to watch¬†Youtube videos on their own.

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