This seems like the kind of weekend after which we all need to smile a little. And I’ve found just the thing. The series of ironically placed iPhone photos over real environments by clever French photographer, professor, and cool dad Francois Dourlen are so wonderful, I can’t stop scrolling through every single one.

He’s a terrific photographer in terms of craft if you look at his other work on his site, but these are the ones that really make me smile. There are pop culture references galore, animated characters, political statements, and a realité diminuée section featuring vintage images of his hometown of Cherbourg placed perfectly over images of the town as it is today.

But of course, it’s the funnier shots that will make you want to share them with everyone you know. Especially your kids.

Monsters Inc | Photos du Francois Dourlen

Beymax and Hiro | les photos de francois Dourlen

Superman: Les photos de Francois Dourlen

Breaking bad: Les photos du Francois Dourlen

Super Mario | Les photos de Francois Dourlen

Patrick in Hollywood | Les photos de Francois Dourlen

Edward Scissorhands | Les Photos de Francois Dourlen

The Dude | Les photos de Francois Dourlen

Tyrion conquers France | Les Photos de Francois Dourlen

Political Pinocchio | les photos de Francois Dourlen

Soccer player | Les photos de Francois Dourlen

Up Movie | Les Photos de Francois Dourlen

Minion photo|Les photos de Francois Dourlen

Grab your kids, take a few minutes to hit his site, and scroll — they’ll love identifying Minions, anime characters and Disney friends. You can scroll quickly past the stripper poles on subway cards (funny as they are). And of course, there’s Tyrion conquering France — well that one’s just for you.

Check out iPhone photos over real environments on Les Photos de Francois. Also find Les Photos de Francois on Facebook and @Dourlen on Instagram.