It’s been more than¬†20¬†years since parents started Take Our Daughters to Work Day on the fourth Thursday of April. Later, we¬†added our sons, then¬†expanded the name. So¬†on April 23rd, if your kids will be commuting with you to the¬†office, job site,¬†hospital, day care, construction site, or wherever “work” is for you, I’ve got the perfect tune to play to get them in the spirit.

Take Your Kid to Work Day by Seattle’s Recess Monkey gets to work using the clickity-clack percussion of a typewriter to keep the beat going along. This fast-paced, rocking tune will definitely help make office time sound a little more exciting for you white collar workers, even¬†if you know the kids will¬†be ready to call it a day by lunchtime.

Ooh, lunchtime: Always the best part of going to work with your parents.

Download a copy of Recess Monkey’s Take Your Kid to Work Day, from our affiliate Amazon, off of their album Wired.¬†Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day will be officially held on April 23rd this year.

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