If you’ve got a mom-on-the-go to shop for this Mother’s Day, we’re so excited that in curating our favorite personalized Mother’s Day gifts, we found these cool custom photo laptop sleeves at Snupped. You can choose standard MacBook Air or MacBook Pro sizes, or customize it to fit any laptop at all, or go for a case for her tablet or phone. Then just add one or two favorite photos and you’re good to go.

The interface is incredibly easy to use as far as uploading your photos; I added that old picture of my girls (awwww) above in about four seconds. Finding the right one was really the hardest part, but maybe you already have something perfect in mind.

You can even customize the interior color for a few bucks more, add handles, or add an inner pocket for a mouse or charger. But of course it’s that photo of the kids or grandkids, of a special vacation memory, a favorite album cover, or the kids’ artwork that’s going to really make this a perfect gift.

Mother's Day tech gift: Snupped custom laptop and tablet sleeves from your photos or original artwork


Talk about wearing her heart on her sleeve. Ha, couldn’t resist.

Visit Snupped for custom photo laptop and tablet sleeves from your own photos. They ship in 5-8 business days.