There are any number of baby books and memory journals out there for new parents, but none I couldn’t put down, before it was even filled in. Until I saw The Geek Baby Book by Tim Mucci.

Right from the first chapter, in which the author offers a list of possible boys’ names (Dagon, Flint, Loki, Xbalanque, The Humongous) and girls’ names (Lara, Xeni, Artemis, Ahsoka, Moxy, Zenobia, Explosion) you know you’re in for a fun ride.

At least if you can appreciate tough love advice like your responsibility to share only Star Wars episodes IV, V and VI with your future offspring.

Of course you already know that.

The book actually has the same kinds of topics you’d expect in a classic baby book, only they’re just a little…different. Under basic characteristics, Race means you’re supposed to fill in Human. (Unless you’re not?) The family tree page is filled with shields. And the checklist for birth story details includes options like creation by parthenogenesis.

Of course there’s plenty of room to document all of your baby’s firsts, like doctor’s appointment, smile, ogre wrestling match, and rolling a natural 20. And you may want to track your immunization record here to be sure you’re up to date on Zombie plague and Andromeda Strain.

(You’re totally not delaying those, right?)

By year one, it gets even more fun; you have the opportunity to list collectibles bought and laws of the universe broken thus far, right alongside birthday gifts received.

Words of wisdom from The Geek Baby Book

The Geek Baby Book: Awesome memory journal for parents with a sense of humor

Really, what I think makes this book so clever (beyond sheer inside geekery), are the words of wisdom, and wry little references to the imperfections of parenthood that honestly should be in every baby book. Like listing the best part of the first birthday party–and the worst. The first time being a sore loser. A list of baby’s proficiencies including the ever-popular not sleeping. A perfect quote about childrearing from Neil Degrasse Tyson, whom I much prefer to Dr. Sears.

Will you actually fill out The Geek Baby Book? Eh, it doesn’t even matter.

If you know a geeky parent-to-be who’s already trying to figure out how to deck out a Bjorn for a Cosplay con, this is the gift they’ll remember more than any baby blanket.

Unless perhaps it’s a Tauntaun baby blanket.

Preorder The Geek Baby Book by Tim Mucci now from our affiliate Amazon or find it at your local indie bookseller.