Just in time for Mother’s Day, I was absolutely thrilled to discover Zazzy, a new platform that allows you to design 3D jewelry, only they take out all the time-consuming stuff…like downloading sometimes complicated software, figuring out how to use it, and then, you know, actually finding a way to print it.

Right now there are basic designs like charms, personalized necklaces, cufflinks and pins; and they’re printed not just in that kind of resin-y plastic, but in metals too, like gold-plated or matte black steel.

I especially love the origami necklaces  and a section of 8 bit jewelry, all with ready-made templates for you to make your own. And it really looks terrifically easy when you check out the templates.

3d printed origami necklaces at Zazzy: Order theirs or design your own

Create your own 3D jewelry easily at Zazzy


If you’re more of a giver than DIY-er, there’s also a cool marketplace at Zazzy.co which seems like it’s striving to be the Etsy of 3D printed jewelry. It allows makers to easily open their own Zazzy shops and sell some truly impressive work.

For the rest of us, that means you can buy lots of cool ready-made designs there too from some impressive artists. There’s everything from wonderfully designed initials, to 3-d wolf heads, to splotches inspired by Matisse’s paper cuts.

And of course a Reservoir Dog pendant and Sith Lord cufflinks. Should you not already own those in every color.

Check out the options and get inspired.

3d printed jewelry at Zazzy: Buy from artists or make your own

E=MC2 3D Printed Rings at Zazzy: Design your own or buy from the marketplace

3d printed jewelry at Zazzy: Monogram necklaces

3D printed wolf head necklace at Zazzy


3d printed jewelry at Zazzy: Glasses in your choice of colors

Minecraft creeper necklace | 3d printed jewelry at Zazzy

3D printed Matisse inspired necklaces in your choice of colors at Zazzy

Zazzy Reservoir Dogs 3D printed necklace

3D printed metal rings at Zazzy | design your own too

3d printed jewelry at Zazzy: 8 bit Space Invaders Charm

3d printed Sith Lord cufflinks at Zazzy. Hilarious.

Zazzy 3D printed necklaces | design your own or buy from the marketplace


I know I’m supposed to be thinking Mother’s Day for you all right now, but how can I resist those Minecraft creeper necklaces  for my kids! For $15.95, something tells me I have their birthdays checked off for the year. Though what they might like even better is to hit the 8-bit jewelry editor and make their own. Minecraft piggie pendants, anyone?

Zazzy 3D printed jewelry is based in Amsterdam but flat-rate US shipping is really reasonable. Just give yourself a little time, or order right away if you’re thinking Mother’s Day. Sign up now and get the first €5 off.