Our young children may not entirely understand why mom’s Facebook avatar is covered in rainbows or what all those happy tears on Friday were for, but quite simply, kids can understand the basic premise that all of us here share, that love is love. And to celebrate that, we have the perfect song to download from kindie favorites, The Not-Its!, and they’ve offered it to all of us for free this weekend!

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The Not-Its! : Awesome kids' music with loads of indie cred

Love is Love from Raise Your Hand, one of our favorite albums of 2014, is a gentler song than we’re used to hearing from this rocking band. Lead singer Sarah Shannon, formerly of 90’s indie band Velocity Girl, uses her strong voice to remind us that, while families may come in all forms, love is the common glue that holds us all together. It’s a wonderful message of inclusion for our kids, and even us grownups, to hear again and again.

Download a copy of The Not-Its! song Love is Love for free through Tuesday, June 30th. Click the “Buy Now” link and enter $0 to download the song at no charge.

Many thanks to The Not-Its! for offering this wonderful song free of charge to our readers for a limited time.