Like the title of the song says, I do love ukuleles, having just started taking lessons as an adult–much to the amusement of my three children. Though my favorite thing about The Harmonica Pocket’s I Love Ukuleles is the clever wordplay throughout this sweet, old-timey sounding love song.

From their new album Sundrops, CMP favorites The Harmonica Pocket start what sounds like a typical “I love you” ditty before turning each “you” into a “u” word, such as ukuleles, unicorns, UFO sightings and even unanimous decisions. It’s all in good fun though it takes a tender turn. Start practicing now, and the kids can sing it to dad next Sunday for Father’s Day.

Download a copy of The Harmonica Pocket’s I Love Ukuleles which features the ukulele playing of Marcy Marxer of the acclaimed folk music duo Cathy & Marcy and kindie musician Johnny Bregar on marimba.