If your house is anything like mine, then a night light is as much of a bedtime essential as your kid’s blankie and cup of water. So, I’m not sure why purchasing one has always been an afterthought for me! Well, now that I’m settling into my new home, I’m making it a priority, which I why I was thrilled to stumble upon these cool night lights for kids at Land of Nod.


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Cool Night lights for Kids at Land of Nod


Cool night lights for kids: Pop icon star at Land of Nod

I love that they’re vastly different than the traditional plug-in-the-wall night lights I’ve seen, and not just because the designs, like the cloud and star, are pretty cool and not super cutesy. (Hey, big kids need night lights too!). But these can actually sit on their bedside table or be hung on their wall, which is like killing two birds (decor and function) with one purchase. And they don’t appear to be super duper bright, because that sort of defeats the entire purpose of a night light in the first place.

With school starting soon, I’m definitely looking for something to help turn their current bedtime shenanigans back into an actual bedtime routine.

You can purchase these cool night lights for kids at Land of Nod.

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