I tend to browse lots of places looking for cool fonts that I may never use. (When it comes to typefaces I’m more of a collector than a designer; kind of like having lots of books at home you haven’t yet opened. But I digress.) I’ve just stumbled across a seriously cool site called Discover.Typography by H&Co and I can’t stop playing around with it.

You just click on any one of the designs you like, and you’ll automatically see the name of the fonts, with an option to save or instantly download.

Trail Mix font set at Discover Typography with easy access to find the faces, save to wishlists or order


Discover typography: Amazing type resource for designers + creative directors sorted by usage


The nav can be a little challenging, but once you get the hang of it, you can click around to various themes, like Wanderlust (airport luggage tags),  Trail Mix (camping and outdoors), Save the Date (invitations and keepsakes), Take a Number (numerical typography for all kinds of uses) and What’s Cooking (typographic menus).

Then there’s Pull Quotes which is perfect for bloggers, editors and designers of all kind, featuring 63 great typefaces for highlighting excerpts mid-article.

30 variations of numerical typography on discovery typography

Pull Quotes offers dozens of typeface inspiration for editorial photography
If you dig type, it’s just a cool way to see it all in context, without having to weed through loads of font lists to try and nab the one that looks closest to what you’re looking for. If you’re a a designer or creative director, it’s a way to hit up your employer (or add another freelance tax deduction) by purchasing the fonts from H&Co for oh, about $398 for 20 fonts in a complete series. This is definitely meant for professional usage.

For me, it’s a fun time suck that has nothing to do with politics on Facebook and heaven knows I could use more of that these days.

Visit Discover.Typography from the designers at H&Co for tons of cool type inspiration and package downloads.