When Liz sent me a link to Furniqi, I sort of freaked out a little because a table that charges your phone is one of the smartest tech innovations I’ve seen in a long time (and trust me, I see a lot). And yes, while the name is a little tough to say — Qi is pronounced Chee — I’m impressed with this idea and the execution.


The Furniqi bamboo phone charging side table. No wires! Yes, you read that correctly.

It’s not powered by magic, but rather electromagnetic induction so power reaches your phone through electromagnetic fields rather than a cable. That also means that if you want to use the Furniqi to actually charge your phone and not just as a very cool looking side table, your phone needs to have a receiver, which is built-in on lots of phones (we’re looking at you, Android users), or can be easily installed on an iPhone.

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They’re also made from bamboo, which makes it light, sustainable, and very modern looking. And at least based on the GIF on their Indiegogo page, it looks pretty easy to assemble.

With all the cables and wires I find myself untangling on an almost hourly basis, I really love the idea of being able to ditch one or if your house is like mine, lots of ones.

You can learn more about Furniqi on their Indiegogo campaign page. Supporting them at the $139 level gets you the table when it’s completed.