If there’s one thing that’s in my never enough category, it’s sleep (okay, and Bradley Cooper), and I’m guessing that’s the case for most parents. Well, the sleep part; not the Bradley part. But a new device on Indiegogo called REMI may be just what Mr. Sandman ordered for helping everyone in the house get a good night’s sleep.

(Note: REMI is now available through our affiliate Amazon)

REMI is part alarm clock, part sleep tracker, part nightlight, part audio monitor and part Bluetooth speaker, all in one. That’s a lot of things! Not to mention, part very cute decor for any kid’s room.

It can sit by the bed and offer your child with some comfort at night with a soft glow that I happen to prefer to a nightlight, and at the same time, provide parents more information about your children’s sleep habits and patterns.

Everything is controlled by an iOS or Android app which connects via Bluetooth, giving parents full reign over the wake and sleep times, colors, music, faces and more. The app is also where you can monitor the sleep patterns over time and get a feel for what happens throughout the course of the night and figure out if your kid is having some issues that maybe you can help out with.

But I think there are other benefits of the REMI that will probably appeal to even more parents.

REMI is the sleep device all weary-eyed parents have been waiting for

REMI: The new alarm clock for kids that's also a sleep tracker and a lot more

For young kids, I like that those cute faces serve as visual indicators you can set to let them know when they should be sleeping and when it’s okay for them to get out of bed. Smiley face set for 8:00 AM? Yes, please.

(Of course, getting them to abide by REMI’s facial cues, is another issue.)

I think parents will really appreciate that REMI isn’t hugely expensive, and that it isn’t a device that will be easily outgrown; for babies, it can serve as an audio monitor, playing lullabies and letting you speak to your baby through the app. Not that we recommend parenting through a speaker, but for those times you know that your appearance in the doorway at 2AM will convey PLAY TIME, EVERYONE! it’s a good option. For older kids, it can also stream music, just as any Bluetooth speaker would, and serve as a cute alarm clock for getting them out of bed and off to school in time.

In fact, we all believe those features will probably end up being more valuable to parents than the sleep tracker in the long run, because unless your kid has serious sleep issues, I can’t imagine obsessing about how many times a night my kids are waking up or at which hours they’re restless. We parents have enough to worry about.

And judging from the funding that REMI has raised so far on Indiegogo, it seems that for whatever the reason, lots of sleepy parents are on board too.

Find REMI 5-in-1 baby and child sleep tracker on Amazon for $99. For more information, check out the Urban Hello website.