You know that same commercial¬†they run every Christmas where someone rich gives someone else rich¬†a Lexus wrapped in a big red bow? Well that’s¬†about as likely to happen around here as Lexus¬†retiring that ad¬†(ha) but now¬†there’s a more affordable alternative for a auto-loving guy on your list: A shiny new¬†Lexus RC F remote control car.

Available exclusively at Barney’s, this silver and black beauty has an all-wheel drive chassis, high grip racing tires, and a serious motor. It’s about 5″ tall and 16″ long so no worries about finding parking. It looks beautifully made, but I still¬†wouldn’t recommend kicking the tires.

At $350 it’s no bargain, but then if he’s got a real Lexus on his wishlist, well…it kind of is a bargain.

Find the¬†Lexus RC F remote control car¬†exclusively at Barney’s. CMP is an rstyle affiliate.


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