I’ve retired our collection of Christmas music for another year, but there’s one song that has been such a favorite wintery tune on my playlist for the past–gulp–25 years, that it will remain on heavy rotation until the first days of spring.

Snow Days, by 90’s Minneapolis-based alternative rock band Trip Shakespeare, was not written as a kids’ song, but its message will appeal to kids who rejoice whenever snowflakes start to fall on a school day. And its sound will appeal to us grownups who loved the type of creative indie music made a couple of decades ago.

Starting with gentle piano and quietly jingling bells, this soaring song captures the excitement kids feel when they first see this “blessing on the ground” and beg their teacher to let them go home early. Get ready to play it for your own kids the next time you see snow coming down, and it may become your official snow day anthem, just like it is for us.

Download a copy of Trip Shakespeare’s Snow Days from their album Across the Universe at our Amazon affiliate.