Parents are always asking us how to monitor the safety of their kids online. Combine that with social media, and it can be really overwhelming for parents to know how to educate their kids while still keeping track of their activity.

And as someone with a tween in the house, I can tell you I’m much more vigilant about privacy and safety that I ever was before, but it can still be a challenge managing their Internet usage.

So, here’s a quick and easy cheat sheet for parents, with expert tips and guidelines that answer a lot of the Internet safety questions parents have asked us. Hopefully they help them (and us) all become more responsible online citizens.

How can I make our family computer safer?

– Keep your computer in a high traffic area in the house so you can keep track of what’s going on.

– Establish a set of guidelines with your kids, and be a part of what your children are doing online.

– Ensure that all safety settings and security features are enabled on the programs your kids use.

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What’s the safest way to share information on social networks, like Facebook?

– Keep privacy 
settings on personal accounts and limit access to friends only.

– Consider why you’re sharing the information in the first place. Is there anything that might give away too much info about your family?

– Even though your settings are private, Facebook friends aren’t always like in-real-life (IRL) friends, so be careful about leaving a trail of information that can be put together like a puzzle and possibly compromising your safety.


What’s a good age for parents to start talking to and educating their kids about internet safety?

– Before age 10, parents should guide and be a direct part of 
their kids’ online activity.

– For older kids, parents should ensure that 
they engage in a regular dialogue with their kids about their online
 habits. An open dialogue is is the key to ensure that kids will speak 
to their parents about issues they encounter online.

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What are the five most important things parents should make sure their kids know before sending them off to surf the web?

1. The Internet remembers everything we post on it, forever.

2. The Internet will share everything we tell it with anyone who asks, even if they are not our friends

3. Once we post something online, we can never take it back.

4. Not everyone online is a friend, or who they say they are.

5. It’s always okay to talk to an adult about something bad on the Internet.


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