Just when you were about to clothe you Pokémon Go lover in padded suits and a helmet, Nintendo launches Pokémon Go Plus, a handy wearable that lets PG lovers play without their phone.

The small Bluetooth-enabled device can be worn on a belt, in a pocket, or on the strap around your wrist, and once it’s paired with your phone, you can play the game without looking at your screen. Yes, it actually lights up when you’ve encountered a PokéStop or a Pokémon, and with a simple press of button, you can collect items or catch the creature in front of you.

The new Pokemon Go Plus wearable gadget | Cool Mom Tech

Even better, the Pokémon Go Plus tracks steps and lets you catch Pokémon you haven’t seen before. And, at $35, it’s not too big of an investment if you’ve got a kid who loves to play, but you’ve been hesitant due to safety issues, like them staring at their phone and walking into traffic. Little stuff like that. Heh.

You can purchase the Pokémon Go Plus at Game Stop, or our affiliate Amazon.com

Editor’s note: The price the Pokémon Go Plus has changed since this post was published.