Well, we’ve seen Pride & Prejudice for zombie fans, Pride & Prejudice for doodlers,¬†¬†and Pride & Prejudice for babies¬†too young to know¬†books as anything besides delicious teething toys. So I can’t say I’m¬†entirely surprised that someone has finally come out with a version¬†of Jane Austen’s 19th century classic reinterpreted for¬†the Gilded Age of the Text Message,¬†with Emoji Pride and Prejudice.

Humorist Katherine Furman’s upcoming book, illustrated by Chuck Gonzales, retells the classic story of the Bennet sisters in — you guessed it — emoji. It evidently answers the pressing question we’ve all been wondering for decades: What would happen if the characters could have texted¬†one another?

Presumably there are¬†no eggplants or peaches in here. They are¬†upstanding¬†young¬†women, those Bennett sisters. But hey,¬†I can’t be sure what would have happened had they combined iOS 10 with a few too many Netherfield¬†ball cocktails.

Pre-order Emoji Pride and Prejudice¬†by Katherine Furman and Chuck Gonzales and whats-her-name….Jane Austen, at our affiliate Amazon or keep an eye out at your local independent bookseller. Release date is December 1, 2016 and it makes a great¬†holiday gift for the right person. It comes with a free emoji poster, too!


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