We just instituted a new family rule at my house: No yelling for mom or dad from another room. Because, enough already. But, that being said, this rule probably needs to start with me. Our solution has been the Nucleus home intercom system, and I’m happy to report, waaaaay less yelling.

The Nucleus devices can be placed throughout your home, then set up to connect via video or audio chat. So, along with calling them to dinner, I can use this to quickly check in on my kids while they’re having a sleepover in their room, or even to keep an eye on a baby who’s napping. And yes, there are safety features with the ability to lock cameras when needed. The only thing missing is a “page all” feature, which would be really helpful if I had kids in different parts of the house and I was wanting to call them all at the same time.

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Nucleus home intercom system lets you connect with family at home and remotely

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Kids can connect with parents at work or out of town via the Nucleus home intercom system.

Smart privacy settings make the Nucleus home intercom system work well for families.

You can check in with your kids from anywhere, using the Nucleus home intercom system and app.

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The Nucleus range goes way beyond your home though, making this more useful than a basic home intercom. Through the Nucleus app (iOS and Android), any invited cell phone can actually be connected to the intercom in your home. Such a great option if you’re not ready for your kids to have their own devices yet but still want them to be able to reach you (or their grandparents, neighbor, or other trusted adult) when you’re not home.

And I love that it integrates with Amazon Echo. You can speak to Alexa through the Nucleus just as you would to the Echo.

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It’s definitely an investment, with a single Nucleus starting at $249. But for families in our situation, as well as those of you with older kids starting to stay home alone, this is certainly worth a look.

You can order your own Nucleus home system in black or white at their website or our affiliate Amazon. You can buy them individually or in bundled sets.