I’m not sure the new Rose Gold Beaba Babycook will make your homemade baby food taste more expensive, but it’s certainly very easy on the eyes. Let’s just say this new, limited edition baby food maker will let you steam and blend in style.

It’s no surprise Beaba Babycook is so popular with parents (including us), because it really does make preparing homemade baby food so much easier. And wow, it’s certainly come a long way since we featured it 9 years ago, because now that they’ve added this new Rose Gold Babycook to the mix, they’ve made cooking up your own baby food a swanky endeavor, too.

You’ll have to wait until March 15 to pre-order, with delivery starting in April (according the site). But if this is just too pretty to pass up, you’ll want to add your email to the list to be notified, along with Beyoncé, no doubt. Times two!

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