As someone who is definitely not a pro photographer, I’m all about the photo apps that help make my snapshots…let’s say, a little more artful. That’s why the¬†Prisma photo effects app¬†(iOS and yes, Android) is my latest photo filter app obsession, and if you’re not yet in¬†the fast-growing¬†Prisma fan club, well, join us!

If you’re kind of over crema, juno and inkwell, there are more than 60 filters on Prisma that can turn¬†even an¬†admittedly average, poorly lit photo of my daughter, above, into something resembling a Mondrian, a Monet, a M√ľnch or a Miyazaki. And a whole lot more.

Perfect for Instagram — or you know, just letting the kids goof around since it’s so so easy.

The free Prisma photo effects app turns any selfie into a work of art | © cool mom tech

There are similarities to¬†my other favorite filtering app, Waterlogue, only Prisma has¬†a lot more capability. Like you can add filters to video¬†(so fun!) and share via Prisma’s own public feed (I don’t and you might¬†want to keep the kids off of it, especially with a prominent “share geolocation” prompt).

And now, there’s a brand new feature¬†called¬†background clipping, which¬†lets you¬†blend photo-real foregrounds with your own surreal environments, basically turning your regular old¬†selfies into something more Roger Rabbit.¬†Very cool.

Besides, who can resist a photo effects app with a filter called Heisenberg?

Get more info about the free Prisma app on their site, and download for iOS and Android.

As for the Fierce Like Frida shirt¬†(isn’t it awesome?) it’s from the cool indie shop¬†Wee Rascals

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