As someone who’s not on Snapchat (what? I’m old!) I admit I’m excited about the novelty of the new Instagram 3D facial filters, as anyone who follows our @CoolMomPicks Instagram Stories can tell today.

I put together the quick, Cliff’s Notes version below, for you visual learners, but here’s step by step just what to do to use your fun new starter pack of 8 Instagram 3-D facial filters.

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Instagram 3D facial filters: Quick tips for how to use them | cool mom tech

1. Be sure to update your Instagram app for iOS or Android to the May 15 release. That’s version 10.21 (or later, depending on when you read this). This is the version that has the Instagram 3-D facial filters. Earlier versions…no filters.

In other words, if subsequent steps are not working for you, go back to step 1.

2. From your home feed — that’s where you see all of your friends’ photos — click the camera icon at the top left.

3. Swipe left at the bottom to scroll from LIVE so that you’re either in NORMAL, BOOMERANG, REWIND or HANDS-FREE. You will see that cute little happy face icon pop up on the bottom right.

4. Click the happy face (don’t record anything yet) and scroll through the filters.

Note that you’ll see that some require additional (basic) actions like opening your mouth to set the rotating math equations in motion around your head. When you move your mouth or speak, you’ll see frost come from your mouth in the ice queen filter. And play around with camera movement in the purple burlesque filter to bring up the feather boa thingie.

(As an aside…I am kind of getting the idea that these are targeted to women.)

5. Click to shoot or record as you normally would. Only, sillier.

6. Save as a download or share to your existing IG story.


Now go have fun, all you bunnies and braniacs and wannabe Gypsy Rose Lees and have fun with the Snapchatification of your trusty Instagram app. Because surely you need another social media time-suck in your day.