When Guy Raz, of NPR’s TED Radio Hour and Wow in the World podcast fame, recommends a website for kids, you go, because, obvy. And no surprise, the SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s Storyline Online is a fantastic resource for parents that you might not know about. You’ll find tons of your kid’s favorite picture books brought to life with cool animation and celebrity guest appearances.

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Each of these 12-or-so minute long videos feature names like James Earl Jones, Betty White, and Lily Tomlin (and lots more) reading the book on camera, along with the book’s artwork in animation form. And no surprise, your kids will love them. At least, if they’re like mine, who by the way have been watching these at school, and it makes sense; each video comes with an activity guide for teachers (and parents). And thanks to the support of donors, all of these videos and activity guides are yours to access completely free.

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We all know that being read to is an important part of the learning-to-read process. So how cool to have this resource in your back pocket, whether you want a co-performer (and an Oscar, Emmy, or Tony winner at that) for your bedtime reading time, or just another way for kids to experience the joy of reading.