Just when you thought you needed to worry about your kid’s screen time, it turns out that the amount of time you spend on your phone could be affecting your child’s behavior. According to a new study conducted at the University of Michigan with 170 two-parent homes, about half of moms and dads (48%) admitted that tech interrupted their parenting time at least three times a day.

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Based on these findings, the study authors suggest that parents who spend excessive time on their own screens are more likely to see negative behaviors from their kids. And well, it’s not that surprising. You’ve probably seen what happens when you get a phone call, or you need to finish a text. At least in my home, my kids do whatever they can in their power to get my attention.

Now, it’s important to keep this was a cross-sectional study, so while direct connection between a parent’s tech use and a kid’s behavior cannot be assumed, it does give more insight into the relationship according to the study authors.

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And, it’s an excellent wake-up call for parents, especially going into the summer, that it’s not just our kid’s screen time we need to worry about. Considering a report from Common Sense Media found that parents are spending just as much time as their kids on tech, it’s a good reminder to check ourselves too.

via NY Daily News; image via pan xiaozhen/Unsplash

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