You’ve probably seen the stories about how kids have pranked their parents using the Text Replacement feature on the iPhone. You know, they set it so that when their parents text the word “No,” it gets replaced with the word “Yes.” Oh kids these days.

As it turns out, this handy feature is so smart for parents, because it can actually help you text more quickly when you need to send a reply and you’re juggling 400 other things. Sound familiar?

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Here’s how to set up Text Replacement

In your Settings, hit General > Keyboard.

Then, hit Text Replacement.

From here, you can create your own series of short cuts for yourself, whether you want to be able to just type “OMW” and have it text “On My Way” or you want to be funny and have it text “The Best Mom Ever” whenever you text your own name (word to the wise: I tried this and it’s more annoying than funny).

How to use Text Replacement on iPhone | Cool Mom Tech

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The idea is to think of words (or responses) that you find yourself typing a lot, and then create a single or two-letter “code” that you can type that will get your message across without you having to type the whole thing. You’ll save yourself a bit of time, and as we busy parents know, there’s a lot we can do with that “bit.”

Photo by Hannah Busing/Unsplash

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