We have to admit that we’re getting pretty excited about the total solar eclipse on August 21. Depending on where you live (or where you’re traveling to), you could experience up to 3 minutes of complete darkness during day.

Along with making sure you’ve got safe solar eclipse glasses, we’re loving these fun solar eclipse gifts to commemorate an experience that has happened in a very long time.

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Total solar eclipse gifts | Gym tank from Look Human

Snag this cool solar eclipse gym tank in everything from a t-shirt to a hoodie, even a baby onesie for baby’s first total solar eclipse celebrations.

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Total solar eclipse gifts | Solar eclipse iPhone case from Society 6

You’ll find no shortage of solar eclipse smart phone cases over at Society 6. I’m partial to this cool case from artist Selma Cardoso, which would still be cool long after the total solar eclipse is over.


Total solar eclipse gifts | Moon and Sun ring

This is such a pretty solar eclipse ring that doesn’t hit you over the head with SUN! and MOON! What a special gift for geeky tween (or teen) like mine who’s counting down the days to August 21.

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Total solar eclipse gifts | Vintage solar eclipse print

Here’s a fantastic vintage print from the total solar eclipse of 1878. So cool for an office, or a space-inspired nursery or play room.


Total solar eclipse gifts | This totality rocks t-shirt

Even though we’re probably not going to see the total solar eclipse from our location, I still really want this hilarious solar eclipse t-shirt. If you do happen to be in the path of totality, this is a must have!

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