It’s amazing how technology can simplify the lives of parents, especially with one of the busiest times of year upon us. And that’s exactly the case with the Wemo Mini, an affordable little plug that instantly turns your lamps, fans, or any small appliance into a smart gadget.

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Just pop a Wemo Mini into a regular wall outlet, and plug in a small appliance or gadget of choice — like a humidifier, coffee maker, the night light no one remembers to turn off. Now you can use your smartphone to control it. Even if you’re not in the same room.

You can set schedules and timers too, which is brilliant whether you’re traveling, or home with a houseful of kids.

For example you can set your teen’s desk lamp — or gaming system, as the case may be — to automatically switch off at 11PM, even if they forget to do it themselves.

If you want a smart device that lets you go completely hands-free, just pair the Wemo Mini with your Google Home or Amazon Echo for instant voice control of whichever appliance you have plugged in.

The Wemo Mini smart plug | Sponsor

The Wemo Mini smart plug is like having an extra set of hands | Sponsor | Cool Mom Tech


With the Wemo Mini, you’ll find you can save some money on energy costs without investing in a new suite of smart appliances. Plus, it can be a sanity saver. Especially if you’re the type who worries about whether you turned off the coffee maker — or who has to remind your kids to turn off that hall light 400 times.

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