With the iPhone 8 announcement coming tomorrow, we know there’s going to be lots of you (including us) strongly considering selling or trading-in your older model for a pretty new one. But there’s good reason to update beyond just the awesome new features, particularly for those of you with a 4S or 5/5S, which you might have already discovered if you’ve tried to update your phone. Those of you with the 4S can no longer do so, and if you’ve got the 5S, this will be the last iOS update you will be able to make. Yikes!

So, now might be the perfect time to pass your current iPhone down to your kids, or trade it in or sell it for a little extra cash you can put towards a new iPhone. Here’s what you might expect to get for your iPhone 5S (16GB) on some of the most popular sites around the web.

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How much you can get for your old iPhone: uSell

Reselling your iPhone through uSell looks fairly simple. You fill out a form and they mail you a prepaid kit for you to send your phone back. After an evaluation, you will be reimbursed via PayPal or check within five business days. They offered me $49 for a iPhone 5S, 16GB in good condition, with a jump to $67 if I marked it as flawless.


How much can I get for my old iPhone: Gazelle

I got offered $60 for a good condition iPhone 5S, 16GB when I asked for an estimate at Gazelle. Similar to uSell, they send you a prepaid kit, you pop your phone in the mail and wait. After receiving your phone and evaluating, you will get reimbursed via check, PayPal or Amazon.com gift cards.

Amazon Electronics Trade-in Program

Here's how much you can get for your old iPhone: Amazon Trade-in

I’ve used the Amazon Electronics Trade-in Program before with video games, and the benefit, for someone who uses Amazon a lot, is that you can get Amazon credit that you can use right away. It looks like I would get around $60 for the iPhone 5S, 16GB, which is comparable to the other sites I checked.

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Target Trade-in Program

How much can I get for my old iPhone: Target Trade-in

As a big Target shopper, I was pleased to discover that they have their own trade-in program, with payments sent within the week of receiving your gadget (prepaid shipping included). However, they wanted to offer me $45 for the iPhone 5S, 16GB, which was the lowest of everywhere I checked.

/Sprint/Verizon/T-Mobile Trade-in Programs

How much can you get for your old iPhone: Verizon trade-in

You can check with your specific carrier for more details when it comes to the trade-in value of your iPhone. When I checked the iPhone 5S on the Verizon website, they offered me $55, which I could use towards a promotion or receive as a Verizon gift card (so, no cash). You could also choose to donate the amount to HopeLine, which helps survivors of domestic abuse.

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Apple Reuse and Recycling Program

Apple’s Reuse and Recycling program is another option to consider, especially when you might be in the store shopping for your new iPhone 8. However, I was unable to get an online estimate for the iPhone 5S, 16GB, so if you’re thinking about upgrading, I’d suggest heading to your local store before the iPhone 8 hits the shelves to see how much you’ll get towards your purchase.

Top image by Noah Silliman on Unsplash