Just this past week, Facebook launched a brand new feature allowing you to order take-out right from the restaurant’s Facebook page. So, if you’ve ever gotten a hankering for some Chipotle guacamole or Five Guys burgers while scrolling through your news feed, you don’t have to leave the app to place your order.

Simply head over to your favorite restaurant’s Facebook page, keeping in mind that they’ve only rolled it out with a few popular chains (thus far), then click on Start Order. You’ll get directed to their online ordering page, and can complete your order as you would had you just gone there on your own without the help of Facebook.

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How to order food right on Facebook | Cool Mom Tech

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It’s definitely handy to not have to track down a restaurant’s website and menu, though really, there aren’t a ton of options to order from just yet. And it’s smart on Facebook’s behalf to get people to follow these business pages. Now excuse me while I pick what size guacamole I need for game day today.