While I was getting my new shiny iPhone 8 + this weekend, I spotted these adorable My Audio Pet Bluetooth speakers at the T-Mobile store, under a big “One of Oprah’s Favorite Things!” Now, I love me some Oprah, but I tend to be pretty skeptical about those lists. However, that didn’t stop me from throwing one into my basket and giving it a try myself, especially with a couple of tweens and kids in my home would love to find this under the tree (or in their stocking).

And well, I have to say that I totally agree with Oprah! These My Audio Pet speakers are fantastic, given their price point and size (think golf ball!). In fact, I bet you’ll be very surprised by the sound, which is pretty loud and clear for such a tiny speaker.

If you’ve got a little music lover in the house, these are definitely worth the $25. And if you can’t decide which one, grab a couple and pair them up for a little animal surround sound!

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