One look at the Italian Cromatica Bluetooth speakers and…whoa. Think of this lamp-speaker hybrid like a mood ring for your home. You choose the color illumination that suits you, choose your music, then lie back and chill.

Or, clean your bathroom.

Or, get some writing done.

Or, have some sexy times after the kids are in bed.

(Valentine’s Day tech gift idea, anyone?)

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Cromatica Bluetooth lamp-speaker hybrid is like a mood ring for your home

You can program the Chromatica with a companion app (iOS and Android) to activate some cool light combos with names like Rainbow, Water Fountain, FireCamp, and Disco Night — though you can program your own as well, or just go with a clean white glow. How great to be able to fall asleep and wake to music and color.

It also responds to some basic touch controls on the speaker itself, like a single tap or long hold.

Oof, I love this thing!

The Chromatica light and sound Bluetooth speaker is controlled with an app from any phone or tablet

I love the idea of having one on a nightstand to help settle down (or have some adult time) before bed; in a nursery or child’s room to get your kids to pipe down at night; or even in the living room as a conversation piece when you have company and you finally get to crank up the rarely used “We Have Company” playlist.

Find the Cromatica Bluetooth speaker and light exclusively at the MoMA store for $399.