If you’re like us, you find yourself using Google to check the same recipes and ratios over and over again. How much water for brown rice? What amount of butter do I need for that pie crust again? That’s why we’re loving this clever iPhone trick from well-known food and travel writer Adam Erace. His simple tweet was mind-blowing!

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iPhone Trick: Use your contacts to store your recipes and ratios | Cool Mom Tech

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So basically, it looks like he stores his most-used recipes and ratios in his phone as contacts. This way, instead of pulling up Google, or trying to find a saved page on his iPhone, he can simply pop into his contacts and boom, everything he needs is right there.

My guess is that he’s not storing his mom’s secret meatball recipe (unless you are, in which case Adam, more power to you!), but rather, quick ratios and basic recipes that we don’t have enough room in our brains to keep. And yes, it’ll take you a little time to load them up, but my guess is that you’ll be very happy you did the next time you’re trying to make risotto and you can’t remember how much chicken stock to add.

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