I recently upgraded from an iPhone 7 to an iPhone 8+, and as much as I love the bigger screen, it does take a bit of time to get used to. If you’re like me and have gone up an iPhone size, you’ll want to use Reachability Mode to help make things a little easier to access with one hand.

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I’ve actually been using Reachability Mode for awhile now without even knowing it, because to activate it, you double tap on your home button. I figured it was just a weird glitch, but turns out, it’s a special feature to help make the plus-sized phones easier to wrangle.

Once you use Reachability Mode, you’ll notice the top of your screen will suddenly be in reach, and you can complete whatever tasks you need without having to enlist your other hand. When you’re done, double tap to set it back.

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To turn it off (or on), head to Settings > Reachability, and it’s a simple toggle on or off. That’s it! I’m surprised it took me so long to use this handy feature, and I’m happy to say it’s made adjusting to the larger phone a whole lot easier.

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