My apologies to anyone trying to get in touch with me for the last hour because I’ve been playing GeoGuessr and have no plans on stopping. If you’re a travel buff, or love geography, or want a way to challenge your kids to get excited about both of those things, you need to try this fun, free game.

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Just head over to the GeoGuessr website and they’ll drop you smack dab in the middle of somewhere. Use the arrows to move around the area (you can go pretty far, and I suggest moving around a lot) until you’re ready to make your guess. Then drop the pin on the small map as close to where you think you are (use the + symbol so you can be as exact as possible). Then, see what your score is! The closer you are, the more points you’ll get.

Now, what I love is that you (and your kids) really need to be detectives, because you can’t really tell based on landscape alone. But they can look at what side of the road people are driving on, what language signs are in, and all sorts of little details that could help them put together the entire picture.

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If you choose challenge mode, you can join existing games, or pick specific areas (countries, famous places, the entire world), and test your knowledge against other people. Either way, trust me when I say this is a fantastic time suck and use of screen time minutes for your kids.

(via Swiss Miss)