With my daughter starting high school this year (hold me!), carrying a laptop is one of her requirements, which means she needs a laptop backpack. But, um, have you looked at laptop backpacks? They’re not necessarily the most stylish, and I get it. They’re meant to keep your expensive computer safe. That’s why I was so excited to discover the Doughnut Macaroon laptop backpack, which gets two thumbs up from my cool, very stylish teen. And guess what, I love it too.

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If it looks familiar to you, the Doughnut laptop backpack looks very much like the Fjallraven Kanken backpacks we’ve featured on Cool Mom Picks. They’re more rectangular than round (if that makes sense), and they’ve got the dual handles at the top that snap together, which I personally love. Also, it’s waterproof, which is important for my teen who will be walking around her school campus.

The big difference between this and the Fjallraven Kankens is the padded laptop pocket inside, which comfortably fits her laptop, plus lots of cool zip pockets and pouches on the inside of the front flap (love that) and outside. Add in the padded straps and it’s really a smart choice for your tween or teen who wants something cool and functional. And wow, lots of fun colors to choose from it was hard to decide.

Large Doughnut laptop backpack on Cool Mom Tech

I will say that it’s not as big as I had thought it would be, so if you know your tween or teen is going to be carrying a ton of stuff, check out their large backpack, which has a little more room for carrying all those binders and textbooks, though not very many cool colors.

My only gripe (other than the price, which is a big higher than I wanted to spend – ouch): This model is called “Macaroon” and I’m pretty sure given all the colors they meant “Macaron.” But hey, what’s an extra “o” when it’s on a super cool backpack your teen is happy to carry?

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