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Music! Singing! A flying turtle with a jet pack! An ice cream-eating duck! It all comes together in the wonderful new KinToons Nursery Rhyme DJ app, a fun, colorful, and totally safe environment for nursery rhyme-loving kids.

Parents aren’t so fast to let their preschoolers and little kids loose on popular music sharing apps, and with good reason. But in this controlled environment made just for young children, your kid can play DJ by selecting their favorite nursery rhymes and singing along with the cute KinToons characters.

In fact, they may already know and love the quartet of characters from the popular KinToons YouTube channel, including Paolo the sleepy owl, Merle the hungry (but not scary!) giant, Uga the flying turtle, and Janet the Viking girl.

KinToons Nursery Rhyme DJ app: a safe, fun, engaging environment for kids to learn, play and sing along | sponsor
It’s so much more engaging than the passive viewing experience of traditional videos, because the on-screen KinToons environments are filled with surprise interactive features allowing for so much discovery and surprise: What happens when you tap the buzzing beehive or the floating duck? Can you make the jack-in-the-box pop? Can you make the star shoot across the sky? And wait until you see what the unicorn can do!

It’s an entertaining way to inspire creativity, imagination, and a continued love for music, all while putting kids in control.

But of course, it’s even more fun when you play with the KinToons Nursery Rhyme DJ app together.

Download the KinToons Nursery Rhyme DJ app for iOS exclusively from the App Store today! 

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