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So many parents want their kids to have the safety and security of a phone, and yet those kids aren’t necessarily ready for all the responsibility and liability that comes with owning one. It’s a major issue among parents, and now there’s a truly smart (but not smartphone) solution: Relay.

Relay is a screen-free smartphone alternative, meaning no apps, no texts, no social media, no videos — no distractions that concern a lot of parents. Just a safe way for kids to stay in touch with the push of a button.

Think of it like a walkie-talkie 2.0, that works everywhere and anywhere. Kids carry their own Relay, and you connect via your own (grownup) smartphone app.

Relay: Like a walkie talkie 2.0 that runs on 4G and keeps kids and parents connected without screens

The Relay is a device that lets you keep up with your kids with giving them a smartphone or a screen | Sponsored
It was even built with kids’ own input, to be sure it’s a device they actually don’t mind carrying. That’s why it’s colorful, it’s rugged, it’s splash-proof, and it’s got a few fun features coming soon like music, some basic games, and a smart assistant.

You can connect up to 10 Relays to the mobile app on your phone, so it’s great for big families. And because it’s powered by 4G LTE, just like a cell phone, you can be on one coast for business, talking to your kid who’s home on the other coast, no problem.

The Relay starter pack: A Smartphone alternative to keep parents and kids connected, safely (sponsor)

Relay is also a smart solution if you have privacy concerns, because the company doesn’t create profiles on your child or your family, and they don’t ever sell or monetize any customer information. In fact, they worked together with the well-respected team at Common Sense Media to craft their privacy policy, and even donate $5 from every sale to support the organization.

If you’ve got a kid who’s begging for a smartphone, but you’ve been looking for a better solution for staying in touch Relay might just be the answer you’re looking for: a simple, fun communication device that helps kids gain independence one step at a time.

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