Back when my kids were toddlers, I remember joking with friends that I wished their little play vacuum cleaners they loved so much would actually work. And well, that’s exactly what Dyson has made. I’m not even kidding one bit.

The new Casdon Dyson Ball Vacuum looks and sounds like a real Dyson, and get this, has an actual suction mechanism. That means it really works, within reason that is. Don’t be thinking this $30 Dyson is going to suck up all that dog hair and baking soda dust (fellow slime parents feel me). But, if there are little bits of paper and fuzz hanging out on your floor as they tend to do when you’ve got kids, this will work. For real.

Granted, you’re going to need a lot of battery power to make this work, but all the extra C batteries you’ll be buying to get some extra help with the household chores courtesy of your toddler? We kind of think that’s priceless.

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