One of my very favorite movies this year was the Fred Rogers documentary Won’t You Be My Neighbor?, which simultaneously shed new light on the TV personality I loved as a child and sparked a passion for me to show my kids every favorite Mister Rogers’  Neighborhood moment.

So when we saw that a brand new Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood site has just launched, I knew it was one I would need to bookmark for myself (erm, I mean, my kids).

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The new Mister Rogers' Neighborhood website is pure magic.

The site has space dedicated to our favorite places and characters, both puppet and human. If you are a huge Officer Clemmons fan or you couldn’t quite get enough of X the Owl, you can click on any of the characters listed (and it includes plenty of obscure ones I hadn’t thought of in, oh, 35 years) to watch favorite clips with them.

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Currently, only a handful of full-length episodes are on the site, including the iconic episode where he shows how crayons are made. That video is etched in my memory, and I’m thrilled to report that it still holds up, fascinating my eight-year-old today. They also include Mr. Rogers visiting the art museum, Big Bird coming to see Mr. Rogers, and the “football and ballet” episode with Lynn Swann. But they’re adding new ones every first and third Monday of the month.

So you’ll have to be patient while you wait for “new” old content to get added every month, but that’s something I think Mr. Rogers would have approved of anyway.

Visit the Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood website to watch favorite episodes and take a trip down memory lane, exploring the people and places of this magical TV show.