If you’re like us, it’s been awhile since you’ve spent any time over at Google+, which is why you might want to take a peek at your content before it shutters on March 31, 2019. Keep in mind, Google+ will be deleting all posts, as well as your uploaded photos or videos, so if you somehow just uploaded them there and nowhere else on the web, you might want to get them off the site now.

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Here's how to save your Google+ content to Google Photos

To be clear, Google+ is their only property that will be shuttering on March 31, 2019, so if you have your photos and videos backed up on Google Photos (above), you’ll be fine. If you don’t, I suggest you head over to the site and download anything you want to save before Sunday. Even though most sites are reporting that Google will not suddenly power the entire site off on that day, you’ll want to have everything safely stored just in case.

You can also download all your Google+ data, and the folks at ZDnet have a pretty handy tutorial to help you through that process. Depending on the file size, you can download the archive or send it directly to Dropbox or your Google Drive, which can take hours or even days, if you were a frequent poster.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash