As someone who works on a smartphone and computer all day long, I’ve become very diligent about wearing my blue light blocking glasses. I even have a pair for my kids, but no surprise here, they rarely remember to wear them. And well, considering I leave mine at my office every day, I’m still spending plenty of time staring at my phone without protection. That’s why I’m so glad our staff member Lisa told us about these blue light screen protectors from Eye Just.

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Just pop them onto your phone (or computer), and you’re not only blocking the harm blue light, but you’re also keeping your screen safe, as well as smudge and germ free. Yes, it’s anti-bacterial as well.

These particular blue light blocking screen protectors are all ophthalmologist approved, in case you were wondering how they decided they were actually doing something other than putting an extra layer between your screen and the world.

I’ll definitely be grabbing some for my kids, and myself. I’m already wearing multifocal contact lenses, so as I get older, I really want to make sure I’m taking good care of my eyeballs. This seems like a no-brainer to me.