My Facebook ads have been on-point lately with a fancy mascara (hello!), a super cool pantsuit (yes please!), and just yesterday, this new collab between Sugarfina and Nintendo (heck yeah!). You know I clicked right through and boy, am I glad I did.

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Sugarfina Nintendo Bundle: There's candy in there!

These are boxes! With candy in them!

This limited edition collab might just be one of the coolest gift ideas I’ve seen for the gamer in your life, and not just because they actually have a Mario cursor on their shop page. The boxes actually look like the retro Nintendo console, then open up to feature Sugarfina’s tasty treats in… Nintendo themed boxes before. And get this, the console candy box actually plays music from the game. Talk about details.

If you’ve ever received a gift from Sugarfina, then you know the candy is amazing. And if you haven’t, well, you’ve been missing out. But now’s your chance to make up for it.