Jealous of everyone around you upgrading to the new iPhone 11? Or the Apple Watch Series 5? Well, you can treat yourself to an upgrade of your very own, at least when it comes to a stand or charging stand that is. These gorgeous handmade stands from Yohann will make any gadget look super swanky.

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Gorgeous Yohann Macbook stand

They’re as smartly designed as they are nice to look at, with the laptop stands carefully following considerations for ergonomic use. If you’re not familiar, it’s best for neck and back strain for your computer to be at eye level. For those of us on a computer all day, we sadly know this quite well. It’s also best to keep your computer cool. No one wants an overheated $2000 laptop. See, I just talked you right into one of these MacBook stands.

And for those of you Apple Watch users, this is one of the best designs for a combined phone (or AirPods) and watch charger I’ve ever seen. It’s perfect for a desk or nightstand, and even has a spot for your loose AirPods, change, rings, any other small bits you’d like to wrangle.

They’re crafted in Europe, so know that you’re not only paying for gorgeous craftsmanship, but international shipping as well. But if you consider how much your neck and back (or charged AirPods and watch) mean to you, it might be worth it.