We’re all doing our best practicing social distancing and stay connected during this Coronavirus lockdown, and we’ve seen lots of creative ideas, from Facebook Live dance parties, to Zoom cocktail parties, even online singalongs like the one Kristen is hosting this coming week (which you are welcome to join, by the way!). Well now you can add “Play Cards Against Humanity” on your list, thanks to Playingards.io.

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It’s super simple to set up. Just create a virtual room, invite your friends, and start playing once they join. You could have a little House Party or Group Facetime going while you play, just to make it feel a little more like you’re all actually together, especially with this game where I think the commentary is sometimes even funnier than the game itself.

If Cards Against Humanity isn’t necessarily your thing, they’ve got lots of other online games and quizzes you can play as well. But given how social Cards Against Humanity is, I’m kind of giddy that there’s a way to play this with my friends. Definitely putting the “social” into “social distancing.”