My son’s just at the age he can start listening to stories on his own, but I’m not in a hurry to hand over my iPhone to keep him entertained. So I was intrigued to read about Toniebox, a new screen-free content box for little kids.

The Toniebox works with figurines — like the Little Mermaid, Nemo, and some originals characters — which you buy separately. When kids place a Tonie on top of their box, it plays a corresponding story or song. So, for example, if your kid puts Woody on top, they’ll hear some Toy Story songs and original stories with familiar characters.

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The new Toniebox lets kids choose their own content using figurines of familiar characters.

Parents can still control the box from an app on their phone, but I think the Tonies are a neat way to let kids share some agency over what they listen to. They can also adjust volume, skip, or rewind by using controls on the box itself. And of course, switch out their own Tonies. Concerned that your kid will instantly lose their Tonie? The creators (both dads, duh) have made each one magnetic so they at least stand a fighting chance of staying put.

Parents can also record up to 90 minutes of their own content, which is a sweet way to relay family stories or songs, especially from a grandmother or uncle who’s far away due to COVID.

Find your own Toniebox and Tonies at the Tonies website. 

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