We think you can all agree that with everything going on, it’s a smart idea to have a few little distractions to take your mind off things. For Liz, that’s often a game on her phone. But for Kristen, well, let’s just say she’s a little out of practice with the gaming. So, on this episode of Out-Tech Your Kids, Liz shares her favorite new games (beyond Words with Friends and Candy Crush) that she’s loving right now. Get ready! You’re going to want to download these.

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The best games on our own phones right now! | Out-Tech Your Kids Ep 15

A few of the games from our show

– First off, we’re digging Apple Arcade. It’s $4.99/month for up to 6 family members, with tons of games, no ads, and unlimited play. You can try it with their free trial.

Dear Reader (below) is a clever, fun, and beautifully designed word game, which uses text from classic books from Brave New World to Jane Austen.

Card of Darkness is a super popular puzzle game where you slay monsters, cast spells, and work your way through boards by drawing the right cards.

Dear Reader is a game of literary wordplay that makes you feel smarter, unlike most games

Grindstone is the game Liz got totally addicted to earlier this year. It’s a really engaging puzzle game meets battle game that’s funny and irreverent.

– We’re big fans of Zach Gage games, like Spelltower, his newest one, Typeshift, and Letterpress. They’re super fun word-type games.

We’ve got a bunch more recos, so make sure to listen to the episode so you hear all of them!  

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