Welcome to May, the month in which top brands lets everyone in the press in on all their new products supporting and celebrating June’s Pride Month. Some of these products…well, it feels like pandering TBH, but in the case of Apple, they’ve been a strong supporter and advocate for LGBTQ+ equality. And now, for the sixth year, they’re introducing a new Pride Edition rainbow Apple Watch band and I am just so in love.

Couple it with their new 2021 pride face and…whoa. Isn’t that beautiful?

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Apple Watch 2021 Pride Band in rainbow braid. Gorgeous!

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The single loop band is one of my favorite of the Apple Watch band styles, because it’s so easy to just pop on and off your wrist like a hair elastic — especially now that it’s available in 12 different lengths. Because LGBTQ+ humans and allies come in lots of different sizes too.

If you’re already picking out a PrideFest or Pride March outfit though, you might consider the Pride Edition Nike Sports Loop band — it can get pretty sweaty out there in late June. (Also bring lots and lots of Gatorade. Trust me.

I really like that minimalist watch face shown below with the sports band, and of course you can just toggle to a new face through your watch OS, even without a new band.

Apple Watch Pride 2021 Nike Sports Loop Watch Band and new rainbow face

But if you do get a new band? It’s nice knowing that Apple continues to support a number of LGBTQ+ advice organizations, including The Human Rights Campaign, PFLAG,  Encircle, the National Center for Transgender Equality, and The Trevor Project.

Even better, Apple itself scores a perfect 100 from the Human Rights Campaign. which evaluates companies based on workplace protections, inclusive benefits, and support for an inclusive culture. More like that, please, tech companies — especially if you’re going to pitch us on your price themed stuff.

Grab the new Apple Watch Pride Edition bands online from the Apple Store. And if you don’t have an Apple Watch Series 6 but have been eyeing one…I adore my press loaner so much.