I’ve been on a search for the best waterproof iPad case, and after a long hunt I’ve found it! Or at least I hopeI have.

So, of course, I had to share it here.

Most parents want protective, waterproof iPad cases to protect against spills or accidents at home or to give their kids a break in the shade at the pool or beach. You know, to read a great children’s book or play some educational apps. Or, just watch Peppa Pig.

As for me, my situation is pretty unusual: My daughter is non-verbal and uses her iPad app to “talk” to us. She takes her iPad with her everywhere, including the pool, beach, and into the bathroom during bath time. Sadly, those are places where her communication is limited to pointing, because her iPad can’t get near the water.

So for me, a good waterproof iPad case really is a must-have, and we don’t say that about a lot of things.

Here are two options I like best.

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Best waterproof iPad case: The easiest (and cheapest) option


Best waterproof iPad case: A dry bag option from MoKo is affordable, but offers less drop protection.

The easiest and cheapest option I’ve found is not a waterproof iPad case at all, but a protective dry bag made for iPad cases.

Most tech editors seem to recommend the MoKo waterproof tablet dry bag pouch. And wow, it comes in at under $15.

It’s designed to fit any sized iPad or other tablet…along with cash, your passport, and anything else you want to keep dry or sand-free at the beach.

Just know if you choose this option, you get nooooooo drop protection and it will limit your touch screen and audio functionality in the water itself — that may not be an issue for your needs but is for my daughter’s. So just know if your kid is carrying a tablet around the pool deck (like mine will), you should go for more protection in an iPad case.


Best waterproof iPad case: The protective option


The best rated waterproof iPad case: Catalyst's drop proof and water proof iPad case

After a whole lot of reading and researching that I’ve done, I’m coming out as recommending the Catalyst waterproof iPad case.

It’s consistently recommended as the best fully submergible iPad case (up to 6.6 feet), and from a parenting perspective, protection against both water and drops is essential.

The Catalyst case is 100% waterproof (thus, the submergible functionality) and it also provides a seriously durable, protective case when it comes to accidental drops. You can also add a lanyard for easier carrying.

However the biggest selling point for my needs is that this waterproof iPad case offers full touch screen and audio functionality while the iPad is in the water. Win!

I did notice many other brands hide disclaimers in their small print, stating that the touchscreen or audio function will be reduced in the case. That may not be a big deal for you, but if your kid is relaxing with a movie or using an app to talk to their parents…you need to be able to hear the iPad sound clearly and navigate the screen easily.

The Catalyst waterproof iPad case is an expensive option for sure, but I think it’s worth the investment to protect the investment in your tablet, especially if you’re spending time around water this summer.