Don’t worry arachnophobes, that’s not a real spider holding up that smartphone, but rather a smart gadget I recently discovered that makes the perfect phone grip and travel dock.

The Spiderpodium from Breffo is a bendable holder that allows you to grip or dock your gadgets, like smartphones, cameras, even GPS units. You simply bend the legs around your gadget and then bend the others around what you want to attach it to, say your stroller, treadmill, or your car head rest for your back seat passengers. You can also fashion it into a stand so you can prop your smartphone up on your desk or use it as a tripod for your video or still camera.

The Spiderpodium doesn’t come with instructions, but it’ll take you all of a few seconds to whip it into something handy. And the best part, is you can easily toss it into your laptop bag or purse so you’ve always got it with you without having to change your case. -Kristen

You can purchase the Spiderpodium and SpiderPodiumTablet at Breffo USA

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